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BFC Top Tips: How To Be Funny At School!

Bored of not laughing literally all the time? You'd better take a look at these top tips for being the funniest kid in school!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  March 5th 2024

Do you want to learn how to turn those awkward school silences into a tornado of LOLs? Follow these 10 top tips and become a comedy genius - without getting a detention or making everyone angry!

1. Punch up!

How funny a joke is has usually got something to do with who you're laughing at. The golden rule is make jokes about people who've got more power in the situation. So jokes about the headteacher? Funny. Jokes about the new kid in the year below who doesn't have many friends? Not funny. See?

2. Make sure you've got the right audience!

The jokes your mates will find funny are probably very different to the jokes your maths teacher will find funny. So if you want to get a laugh (and you don't want to get in trouble) make sure you don't mix them up! Remember – everyone has a different sense of humour, but only some people can give out detentions!

3. Expect the unexpected!

You can ramp up the funniness of any situation by doing something people don't expect. You can even lead people to expect one thing and then present them with another. For example, dress up smart and very politely tell a really disgustingly gross joke. Give it a go!

4. Be silly

A student making a face

Don't worry too much if your jokes don't make sense. They don't have to!

5. ...And repeat!

OK, this is a high-risk strategy! Sometimes, if a joke isn't funny the first time, you can repeat it later on (maybe the next day) and it might be funny again. It's weird, but it happens sometimes. This is dangerous though, because if it doesn't work AGAIN then you've just told a bad joke twice. Awkward!

6. Don't overthink it!

The truth is, nobody REALLY knows why some things are funny and some things aren't. Scientists and philosophers have been trying to work it out for thousands of years and we still don't know. Just accept the fact that some things are funny and some things aren't - so if you tell an unfunny joke just move on and try again!

7. Get physical!

You don't have to use words to make people laugh! Some of the funniest jokes come from facial expressions, funny sounds, or even being silent for a second!

8. Timing is... everything!

The perfect joke is like a squashy tomato chucked from behind a bush into your PE teacher's sports bag - it lands at exactly the right time. You have to be patient, and wait for just the right moment to say the punchline. If you say it too soon, it doesn't work. Too late, and it's gone. Jokes are just fussy like that.

9. Trust yourself!

If you think a joke is funny - then it is. There's no board of funniness that awards good joke certificates (apart from comedy festival awards). If a joke makes you laugh and doesn't make anyone upset then it's a good joke. So believe in your comedy skills - and if the people around you don't get it, then it's just not quite right for them. Other people will still find it funny - you've just got to find them!

10. Don't stress it!

If you enjoy telling jokes people will enjoy laughing at them. Be relaxed and don't worry if people find it funny or not. Enjoy your comedy for yourself first, and others will get there in the end. Oh, and remember - everyone tells rubbish jokes sometimes! Well... except for us. We never tell bad jokes. Obviously.

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