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Don't Get a Red Card On This Bhupinder Singh Gill Quiz!

Think you know the football superstar they call Bhups? Then whistle your way through this epic footie quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  April 8th 2023

Bhupinder is a name you'll hear a lot these days, especially any time the beautiful game is mentioned. But how much do you know about this history-making Northern ref? Answer these questions and we'll put your sporting trivia skills to the test... oh, and try not to get booked? Yeah?

*whistle blows*

1/10 A referee holding a whistle

Let's start off easy! Bhupinder Singh Gill is a... what?


Bhupinder made history by being the first Sikh-Punjabi ref to do what?


And what sport does he referee?

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Bhupinder's brother Sunny is also a ref. True or false?

5/10 A cheetah on a badminton court

What other member of the family is ALSO a ref?


How did Bhupinder and Sunny's dad make history?


Where is Punjab?

8/10 A hand pointing to the map of the UK

Where is Bhupinder and his family from in the UK?


What does Bhupinder particularly want to see?

10/10 A smiling football in a big stadium

What was the first Premier League match Bhupinder refereed?

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Eeeek! This might be a red card! Ref! Have a look at this score! Yikes... if we were you, we'd just head on over to another footy quiz and start over. Before you get booked!

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Pretty good! This score is not bad, not bad at all! You clearly know a good amount about Bhupinder, but a few details might have slipped your mind. No worries though, you can always have another go if you want to score higher - or just move on to another fantastic footy quiz!

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Great score! Amazing! You really know your refs! Well done - this is a really good score! Bhups here looks pretty pleased about it, too! You didn't QUITE get full marks, but never mind. Reckon you can beat it on a different quiz? Let's find out!

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GOO---OOOOOO----AAALL!!! What a result! Not a single question wrong! They just couldn't write it! Phenomenal score... you really know your refs! Well... there's no beating this score, but can you match it on a different quiz? Let's find out!