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10 Question Big Cat Quiz To Get Your Claws Into!

Do you know your Tigers from your Lions? Are you the leader of the pack? Test your knowledge of the Big Cats with this fabulously feline quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 27th 2022

Big Cats are some of the most beautiful and powerful animals in the natural world. They deserve looking after and respect - and the best way to do that is to learn as much about them as possible! We love animals here at the Beano - but how much do you know about the Big Cats? Find out here by taking our quiz all about them! Prepare yourself and wax those whiskers, because we're getting quizzy over here!


What Big Cat is orange and striped?


What Big Cat is the fastest?


Which Big Cat lives in prides?


Which Big Cat lives in the rainforest?


How many tails do cats have?


What does a Lion have around it's head?


What Big Cat likes the water?


Which Big Cat is the biggest?


Which Big Cat is the smallest?


A Tiger's roar can be heard from how far away?

Are you sure you're the expert on Big Cats? Why not have another god before you go around calling yourself King of the Jungle. But at least you tried, and that's what matters!

Not bad! You've got a solid understanding of the world's Big Cats! You know your jaguars from your lions that's for sure! Well done!

Fantastic! You really know your stuff, and you should be proud of yourself! All those hours in the library studying the biology of the Big Cats has clearly paid off! Nice.

Excellent! You really are the King of the Jungle, when you roar, people pay attention. But to be honest, it's your knowledge and understanding that really impresses people - brilliant work!