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20 Funny Birthday Prank Ideas!

Check out these hilarious Birthday Prank Ideas!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 15th 2023

No-one can hold a (birthday) candle to these malevolently mischievous Birthday Prank ideas! If you’re looking for ideas to prank someone on their Birthday then the Beano is the right place to start looking! *Serious voice* Just remember a prank that doesn’t end in everybody laughing isn’t the sort of prank to pull on someone’s Birthday. It’s supposed to be the best day of the year, remember.

1. The Surprise Birthday Party

Planning a surprise Birthday Party is THE classic Birthday Prank Idea. This prank takes some careful planning, a whole load of sneaking around, and a lot of patience. On the big day convince your victim that everybody’s forgotten their birthday and you both have to run an errand instead. Try inventing a boring errand like buying some toilet roll. Sad times! But you’re not really popping out to Tesco’s. Instead, take them to the surprise Birthday Party venue instead. All their friends are gathered ready to shower the victim with gifts after all! The perfect Birthday Prank!

2. Cake in Disguise

“Why oh why have you brought a cauliflower to my Birthday Party? That is so bizaare… WAIT A MINUTE! That’s not a cauliflower, it’s a delicious birthday cake lovingly formed into the shape of a cauliflower. BEST CAKE EVER!“ is the response you’ll get to this delicious optical illusion prank!

3. Yum! The Savoury Cake Prank

This is the perfect prank idea for those people who don’t have a sweet tooth! Basically make a giant cheese scone and serve warm with butter. Yum! It’s basically the opposite of the previous prank except for people who don’t like cake (weird, I know!)

4. That’s a Tactless Amount of Candles

It’s well known that kids pretend to be older than they are and Grown-Ups pretend to be younger than they really are, so this prank idea is perfect for the Grown Up in your life. Remind them of their advancing age by using the correct amount of candles on their cake. Have you ever seen a cake with 47 candles? It’s a sight to behold!

5. The Costume Party Prank

This is the Perfect Prank to play on a fun uncle or aunt. It’s also perfect for parties where Grown Ups and Children are invited. Basically tell the grown up victim it is a “dress up party” and enjoy the scenes as they arrive as a Disney Princess or Buzz Lightyear and see that everybody else has come in their usual clothes!

6. The Erm Thanks for the Carrot Prank!

Hide the real present beneath some paper in a gift box. Then put a rubbish present (something like a carrot will do) on top. Wrap up like a regular present and watch the look of disappointment on your victims face tiurn to joy as they realise you haven’t really gifted them a mouldy carrot!

7. The Classic “Do You like Playstations?” Joke

See if you can find an empty box that once contained a BRAND NEW PLAYSTATION. You can ask your friends at school. Maybe someone got lucky at Christmas. Present the box to your Birthday victim saying ”Do you like Playstations?” Just before they grab the box, add the punchline: ”Here’s a box to keep one in”

8. The Unicorn Fart Birthday Prank

Inflated an empty bag with air and stick a label on the side that says Unicorn Farts! Bingo! You’ve just made the most hilarious and original Birthday present ever! And just in case someone opens it and claims to not be able to smell the Unicorn fart, you can tell them that Unicorn Fats smell as sweet as fresh air!

9. The Birthday Shoes Off Prank!

Insist on the guests at your Birthday Party taking their shoes off when they come in the house (you might do this anyway if you have nice clean carpets!). Then when no-ones looking stuff their shoes with rolled up toilet paper. When it’s time to go home, no-one will be able to put their shoes back on! And as if by magic you’ve got another 10 minutes added onto the funniest Birthday Party ever!

10. The Too many Balloons Prank!

Fill up the Birthday Boy/Girl/Victim’s room with Balloons. It’s even better if you manage to do it while they sleep. This is a classic prank that will have the double bonus of making the Birthday Boy/Girl/Victim feel very special and also make it impossible for them to leave their room! Hilariously Happy Birthday!

11. The Pass the Parcel For One Prank

You know those parcels you have for Pass-the-Parcel games? They’ve got loads of layers surrounding a tiny present. All you need to do is make one of those (don’t put a gift on every layer though) and give it to the Birthday Child. Watch them slowly lose the will to continue unwrapping the gift, until they get to the final layer. Boom! It’s something small but awesome.

12. The Gift in Jelly Prank

The day before the big day set one of the gifts in jelly overnight! Pick something that won’t be ruined by moisture and maybe wrap it in cellophane first. Jelly and custard and awesome plastic dinosaur, anybody?

13. The Toffee Onions Prank

This prank is double pranktastic if a birthday falls in near Halloween! You can even use it on non-birthdays… All you need to do is find a grown up who can help you make toffee apples and at the last minute substitute the apples for onions. Gross!!

14. The Toilet Seat Surprise Prank!

This one’s great to prank a Grown Up on their birthday… Stick a photo of them on the inside of the toilet seat. When they lift it to do their business they’ll get the fright of their life and a warm, fuzzy glow when they read the words ”Happy Birthday!”

15. The Classic Wanted Poster Prank

On a Grown Up’s Birthday make some posters and stick them around your neighbourhood. The posters should be designed like a wanted poster. Use your imagination and write something like ”Wanted. My Dad. For being really Old!”

16. The Embarrassing Card Prank

Make an embarrassing card from a fictional old auntie on your Grown Ups birthday and hide it in their work stuff. When they get to work they’ll think it’s from you and proudly open it in front of their important colleagues. Then they’ll need to read out the message you’ve written:

Dear [Grown Up Name], Happy Birthday. I hope you’ve stopped picking your nose now you are [Grown Ups Age] Lots of love and kisses, Aunty Janet.

17. Surprise Toy Party Prank

This is a great prank to play on a younger sibling. The day before their birthday, while they sleep, take all of their soft toys and teddies and arrange them to make it look like they are having a surprise Birthday Party! You can even make miniature snacks too, for everybody to eat together on the Birthday morning!

18. The Toenail Cake Prank

Toe joke thumbnail
Toe joke thumbnail

This prank is a classic! Make a birthday cake but instead of icing “Happy Birthday”, write ”FIND THE TOENAIL” instead. The perfect prank to pull on someone who is really gross and will eat the cake anyway. Most of the Beano quiz writers fall into this category. That lot will eat anything!

19. The Voice Activated Toy Prank

This prank is great to pull on people who don’t get technology AKA Grown Ups. Buy your Grown Up a toy car for their birthday and tell them it’s voice activated. Watch with amusement while they try to get it too move. If you’re clever you can use a remote controlled car and control it from another room to confuse them more. They say left, you put it in reverse!

20. The Disappointing Donuts Prank!

Buy a Krispy Kreme donut box and take out all the donuts without eating any(this is the hard part). Then fill the box with healthy vegetable snacks and bring it to a birthday party. Everyone will be super excited until someone opens the lid. Sad faces all round until you pull out a bag containing all the donuts, you evil genius!