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This Bitcoin Quiz Is For Block-heads Only!

Will you become a trivia billionaire with our tricky bitcoin quiz? Answer these questions to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 23rd 2023

Bitcoin is a very controversial, new type of money. It's pretty complicated and technical, but people who like it say it could change the world. But there are lots of people who don't trust it too - and they say it's a scam, and is really bad for the environment. Find out how much you know about this technology with this quiz!


Bitcoin is a... what?

2/10 A theme park ride

Bitcoin's price does what?


Some people have made a lot of money from Bitcoin. How?


Bitcoin is powered by a type of technology called what?


How do you create new bitcoin?


The person who invented bitcoin is a mysterious person called... What?


Which of these are common criticisms of bitcoin?


Why is bitcoin bad for the environment?


There are lots of other types of cryptocurrency too. One of them is even named after a dog! What's it called?


How much electricity does Bitcoin use?

Uh oh! This is a pretty bad score! Do you work for an old-fashioned bank? You'd better have another go if you want to prove you're up to date with technology! If not don't worry - plenty more quizzes where this one came from!

Not bad! You know a thing or two about bitcoin and it's pros and cons! You can still do a bit better than this score though... Have another go and see if you can do a little bit better? Go on!

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Nice! This is an impressive score! You might not be Satoshi Nakamoto himself, but you've certainly proved you know a thing or two about bitcoin. You did miss out on a couple of right answers - can you beat this score on a different quiz?

Amazing! You really know your stuff! Full marks - well done! Whatever you think of bitcoin, it's clear that you understand a lot about it. Now - do you think you can match this score on a different technology quiz?