Black History Month: Famous Faces

How many of these famous faces from history do you know? Take this quiz to find out!

Image by @michelleobama | instagram
Image by @michelleobama | instagram

Who's this stood next to Michelle Obama?

Image by @maejemison | twitter
Image by @maejemison | twitter

This is Mae Jemison, the first black woman to do... what?

Click to find out!


Who's this statue of? Hint: he's wrote the famous "I Have A Dream" speech.

He's kind of a big deal.

Image by panafricannews | blogspot via giphy

Here's a slightly harder one. This fella was around the same time as Martin Luther King, and was another great figure in the Civil Rights Movement. 

He was famous for being a bit... angrier than Dr King. Any ideas?

Image by @gomofarah | instagram

Who's this world-famous British athlete? His specialty is long-distance running and he's won a LOT of medals.

Image by @lizzobeeating | instagram

Can you guess who this popstar is from her amazing outfit?


Another Olympian next, this time an American. But who is it?

Hint: he made Hitler look like a right idiot way back in 1936!

Image by @malorieblackman | twitter

Who's this famous British writer? Hint - she wrote Noughts and Crosses!

Image by Creative Commons via BBC Newsround

Who was this famous British Nurse during the Crimean war? Hint - it's not Florence Nightingale!

Image by @startalkradio | giphy

And finally, who's this very clever American scientist?

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