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Black History Month: How Much Do You Know?

How well do you know your black history and icons? Test your knowledge now!

1/10 Emancipation Day

Who abolished slavery first: Great Britain or the United States of America?

2/10 An England football shirt

Who was the first black football player to captain the England team?

3/10 An athlete

Which male athlete set three world records in a single Olympic games in 2008?

4/10 Barack Obama

Barack Obama won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album in 2008. True or false?

5/10 Rosa Parks

What is Rosa Parks famous for?

6/10 Mary Seacole stamp

Mary Seacole set up the 'British Hotel' to look after soldiers injured in which war?

7/10 Black History Month

In which year did Black History Month become an annual, month-long celebration? 

8/10 An astronaut
Wikimedia Commons

Who was the first African-American astronaut to reach space?

9/10 Jesse Owens stamp

How many gold medals did Jesse Owens win at the 1936 Olympic Games?

10/10 American flag waving in the wind

Who was the first African-American to be honoured with a national holiday?

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