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20 Blooming Awesome Spring Quiz Questions

This fresh new quiz is about to test your knowledge on spring! Answer some questions and we'll see how much you know about this season! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 6th 2022

Flowers! Bunnies! Chocolate! Spring is nearly sprung and so it's time to find out how much you know about this season! We've put together an ultimate spring quiz so you can show off your spring knowledge by answering these questions! Are you a spring superstar?

1/20 Blossom with Beano bird

True or false: spring takes place at the same time of year all over the world?

2/20 Bunny and chick with Beano love heart

On what day does spring traditionally begin?

3/20 Person standing on mountain with Beano birds

Why do we smell spring in the air?


4/20 Which of these flowers are associated with spring?

5/20 Crocuses with purple splats

On the astronomical calendar, which day is the first day of spring?

6/20 Comedy glasses on pink background with question marks

Which of these holidays takes place in spring?

7/20 Eggs with eyes and snowflakes

True or false: You're more likely to see snow at Easter than Christmas?

8/20 Bunny with splats on pink background

What's the term for a baby rabbit?

9/20 Pole with ribbons and splats

Which spring holiday involves dancing around a pole covered in ribbons?

10/20 Screaming Beano pineapple and tulips

Which of these zodiac signs are spring signs?

11/20 Baby lamb and Beano emoji

Why do lots of animals have their young in spring?

12/20 Rainy scene with Beano bunny

Which spring month traditionally has lots of showers?

13/20 Easter eggs and question mark

What day of the week is the first day of Easter?

14/20 Stack of pancakes, Beano emoji and arrow

What was spring known as in medieval Europe?

15/20 Bird feeding baby birds with splats

What happens in spring at the North Pole?

16/20 Arrows pointing to spring hat

Which type of hat is traditionally associated with Easter?

17/20 Goofy ostrich and goofy llama

Which phrase is used to refer to someone youthful?

18/20 Blossom and beano otter

Which trees famously blossom in Japan in spring?

19/20 Chick with eggs and Beano farm animals

What does spring often symbolise?

20/20 Apples on tree and Beano giraffe

What day does spring end?

Lowest result

Nooo! You must prefer Christmas because you hardly got any questions right! But never mind, you can always try again and see if you can score higher!

Try again result

Not bad, you know a bit about spring and everything that comes with it, but have another go and we think you'll score higher!

Well done result

Nice job! You're a spring chicken no doubt! Have a hot cross bun to celebrate!

Highest result

Wow, you're a spring superstar! You know everything there is to know! Have an Easter egg to celebrate your EGGcellent result!