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Which Fabulous Flower Are You?

Everyone loves flowers, so why not know which one truly represents you?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 5th 2023

Ok, maybe not everyone, some people suffer from really bad hayfever… but sometimes even the things that make you sneeze are beautiful in their own way! So if you’ve ever wondered which flower you’re most like, even if only for a second, then this is the quiz for you! Let’s go!

1/10 A mouse on some corn

What is your favourite garden animal?

2/10 An elephant painting on a canvas

What is your favourite colour?

3/10 A dog and a foal

How quickly do you make friends?

4/10 A person thinking in a wood

Which season do you prefer?

5/10 A man playing a tuba to a dancing kitten

What instrument are you most like?

6/10 A smiling pile of peppercorns

What is your favourite food seasoning?

7/10 A medieval dog and a collection of books

Which time in history would you most like to travel back to?

8/10 A laughing horse and a racoon

What does a horse mean to you?

9/10 A dog wearing sunglasses and headphones

How loud do you like to listen to music?

10/10 A bee leaning against a window

A bee is trapped in the house, what do you do?

Result: Rose

A Rose!

There are few more famous flowers than the rose, its right up there! It’s used to show love, but it has been used by kings and queens way back in the past to show their power too! It can do the lot, just like you! A rose shows how much you care for someone, which is probably why you’ve received it, because you really care about the people in your life! Nice!

Result: Ox-Eye Daisy

An Ox-Eye Daisy!

This wonderful little flower is like a daisy, only much bigger. It is a natural wildflower and is really important in creating habitats for butterflies and moths. They rely on this flower for their life cycle, a little bit like how the people in your life rely on you! You’re always there, you’re reliable and modest as well - an excellent flower!

Result: Common Nettle

A Common Nettle!

Look here, it might not be the most flashy flower, in fact its flowers are very small, but the common nettle is incredibly important for biodiversity! It provides a home for moths and butterflies and gives them enough food to keep going! Sure, it can sting you if you rub it up the wrong way, but that’s a bit like you too - kind to your friends, prickly to your enemies! Epic!

Result: Scabious Field

Scabious Field!

Okay, it’s got a bit of a strange name, but the Scabious Field has a beautiful purple flower which makes enough food for hundreds of bees and butterflies to live on. In fact each plant can have up to 50 flowers! That’s pretty amazing if you ask us! And just like the Scabious Field with its odd name, as soon as people get to know you, they immediately see that you’re worth knowing! Cool stuff!