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Bolt Vs a Lightning Bolt!

It's the ultimate battle, can Olympic runner Usain Bolt take on a real lightning bolt?

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  August 11th 2017

Here at Beano, we love a good competition.

We thought it would be fun to pit Olympic legend Usain Bolt against a bolt of lightning.

The pair will go head-to-head in five rounds, including speed, medals, food, dance moves and temperature and will be judged by an elite panel of experts.

We’ve hidden the score in the article below so you can make your own mind up who’s the champ – then watch the video to see if you were right!

Round 1: SPEED

In the first round, our two opponents will be tested on how fast they can move!Usain Bolt can run at 27.8 miles per hour, but a lightning bolt can move at 220,000,000 miles per second!

Round 2: MEDALS!

Next up, it's the medals round – who has scooped the most medals at the Olympics?Usain Bolt has 8 Olympic medals, but a lightning bolt has yet to step on the winner's podium!

Round 3: FOOD!

Food is an important source of energy. At the Beijing Olympics, Usain Bolt ate 1000 chicken nuggets – imagine how much dip he must have used!Impressive stuff, but the energy from a lightning bolt can toast 160,000 slices of bread...

The energy from a lightning bolt can toast 160,000 slices of bread


Now we're looking at who has the best dance moves. Will it be Usain Bolt or a lightning bolt?Well, Usain loves to strut his stuff after winning a race. Lightning bolts can't dance to save their life...

Lightning bolts can't dance


Temperature next.A lighting bolt is five times hotter than the surface of the sun, while Usain Bolt is so fast, his shoes are on fire!Who'll win? Watch the video above to keep track of their score and find out who will emerge as champions in Bolt vs Bolt!

Usain Bolt is so fast, his shoes are on fire!