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Boston Celtics Quiz Trivia!

Boston Celtics Quiz Trivia! Are You The Ultimate Boston Celtics Fan?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Slam dunk it!

1/10 A Boston Celtics fan shrugging

In what year were the Boston Celtics founded? 

2/10 Basketball trophy

How many NBA championships have Boston Celtics won?

3/10 A basketball game

Who is the Boston Celtics all-time highest point scorer?

4/10 Boston Celtics' arena

Where do Boston Celtics play their home games?

5/10 USA map

Which US state are the Boston Celtics in? 

6/10 A basketball scoreboard

How many points did Larry Bird score for Boston Celtics? 

7/10 A basketball player

Who founded the Boston Celtics?

8/10 Boston Celtics mascot

What is the name of the Boston Celtics mascot?

9/10 A sad basketball player

Which of these is not a Boston Celtic Hall of Famer? 

10/10 Foam fingers

In what season did the Boston Celtics win their first NBA championship? 

Oh no

Oh no! Ever seen a Boston Celtic's game? 

Not bad

Not bad! See if you can beat this score!


Impressive! You clearly know your stuff!


Wow! A perfect score – you're the ultimate Boston Celtics fan!