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Epic Brighton Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Brighton is one of the most famous cities in the UK, but how much do YOU know about it?! Let’s find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 8th 2023

With its stony beaches and beautiful coastline, Brighton is one of the coolest cities in the UK. It’s famous for many things but can you beat this quiz? Some people say that this quiz is so hard that only people from Brighton will be able to get it all right - but that sounds like a challenge more than anything! So why not give it a go!


Which country is Brighton in?


Where is it in the country?


What animal is on the logo of Brighton and Hove FC?


What type of beach is in Brighton?


What was Brighton’s name in the middle ages?


What is the start of the postcode?


What is the name of this building?


In 1086, how did the people of Brighton pay their rent?


What big music competition was held in Brighton in 1974?


What is special about the Brighton Sea Life Centre?

Oh dear! Okay, perhaps not your best work! But that’s okay, maybe you were answering questions about Brighton USA? Let’s say that… Don’t worry though, you can always have another go and see if you can do better! Practice makes perfect after all!

Nice! Now we’re getting somewhere, you’ve got some knowledge there, hidden deep down beneath all those distractions! You’ve done pretty well on this quiz but we think you can probably do better! So why not power it up, picture Brighton in your mind and have another go!

Epic! What a great score! You’ve definitely been to Brighton before! Either that or you’ve got an incredible power for guessing, but we’d rather think that it was skill that got you this far! Well done, you’re so nearly at the top of the quiz pile - why not have another go and see if you can beat this quiz with 100%?

Holy moly! You’ve done it! You’ve scored 100%! Great work, you probably live in Brighton, that’s the only way you could have beaten this quiz so well, or maybe, just maybe, and this is unlikely, you’re a geography genius!! Whatever the reason, these results speak for themselves, awesome!