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Britain’s Funniest Class 2022 - How the Voting Worked 

Find out more about how the results were determined for this year's competition

Beano Team
Last Updated:  June 29th 2022
Minnie and BFC judge and top stand-up comic, SuzI Ruffell

The public vote for this year’s Britain’s Funniest Class ran from 31st May -16th June at 6pm. 

On Monday 13th June we identified a problem on, where a regular site update caused all polls on the site to report incorrect data. 

This affected the Britain’s Funniest Class vote with the auto-generated poll bars were displaying percentages which didn’t match the number of authenticated votes placed. 

We hoped to resolve the issue by Monday evening but when that wasn’t possible, we contacted all of the shortlisted schools to update them on the issue and share with them the accurate vote numbers. 

Unfortunately, at 4pm on Wednesday 16th June the polls were still showing incorrectly, so we decided to keep the vote open until the votes showed accurately. 

At 4:45pm the issue was resolved and we contacted all schools and let them know that we would keep the vote open until 6pm so that everyone could hopefully see the accurate vote numbers before polling closed.  

For full transparency, now the winning school has been announced, we can share with you the total number of votes each school had by day. 

Our Top Ten classes did an amazing job in garnering thousands of votes and we’re incredibly sorry for the confusion the poll malfunction caused, particularly for our Top 3 classes. 

 We’ve awarded every pupil from the Top 3 classes a Golden Gnasher medal to recognise their fantastic achievement and we’re proud of every single class in our Top Ten and everyone who took part in this year’s competition. 

The yellow boxes indicate indicates the winning class on each day 

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