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British Geography Quiz

How much UK geography do you know? Take this awesome British geography quiz to test your skills!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

British Geography Quiz

1/9 Margate

After London, what's the biggest city in the UK?

2/9 Nessie

Which part of the UK would you find the loch ness monster? If the loch ness monster existed. Which it...might?

3/9 Map of uk

Which country is this?

4/9 Anonymous crowd

What's the population of the UK?

5/9 Map of uk

Which city is this?

6/9 The mayor of the city of London

Traditionally, how does a town become a city in the uk?

7/9 map of uk

Which island is this?

8/9 French people

Britain is an island but we share a sea border with which countries?

9/9 Coastline

What's the most southerly point of the UK mainland?

Amazing! You know your British geography like the back of a, er map?! Top marks!

Well done! You know quite a bit of random stuff about UK geography!

Not  great! You don't know a whole lot about British geography, though hopefully you can point to your town on the map! 

Uh oh! Are you sure you live in Britain? Either way, you need to brush up on your geography skills - take the test again to see if you've learnt anything!