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BTS: What Will the Future Hold?

BTS are taking a break for who knows how long. This quiz will predict when they will get back together. Are you ready?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

K-pop stars BTS have devastated their fans with the announcement that they're to go their separate ways to try new projects. By taking this quiz, you can predict if or when they will reunite and record new songs. Take the quiz and find out now!

1/10 Sandcastle on beach with South Korea flag
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What sort of holiday do you think the members of BTS should go on?

2/10 A man with some paints and canvases

What hobbies should they try out?

3/10 A woman using a banana as a phone

How often should they stay in touch with each other?

4/10 An ice cream in New York City

Which city would be good to visit?

5/10 A plate of food

What sort of food would appeal to a member of BTS?

6/10 The K-Pop group BTS
Big Hit Entertainment | YouTube

Which BTS song should they listen to, to remind them of the good times they shared?

7/10 Kylian Mbappé in FIFA 22
FIFA 22 | EA Sports

Which FIFA team should they choose when playing each other online?


8/10 Which kinds of music should they listen to for the time being?

9/10 A man enjoying a good book

What kind of books should they read for inspiration?

10/10 A person watching Encanto
Encanto | Disney Studios | Clark Spencer, Yvett Merino | Byron Howard, Jared Bush

What kind of films should they watch to relax?

@bts.bighitofficial | Instagram


It looks like BTS are never going to reunite. Instead, they could all go solo which means loads of new music to enjoy!

Result: Any minute
@bts.bighitofficial | Instagram

Any minute

Your prediction is that they're just taking a very short break to do some laundry, tidy the house and have a holiday. Then they'll be back on the stage where they belong!

Next year

Next year?

Your prediction is that BTS will take the rest of the year off, do some solo projects, then realise the band are too good together! We shall wait and see!

Result: not sure
@bts.bighitofficial | Instagram

Not sure!

Even with the use of a crystal ball, it's unclear what lies ahead for BTS. They could get back together, they might not. What's important though is that they're all happy doing what they want to do – and you've got loads of BTS music to enjoy!