Bullying is Uncool

This Is Anti-Bullying Week

I'm Dennis and I've been bullied. So have all my pals, but we got through it together. 

I'll be here every day this week to tell you my secret tips to make bullies bog off!

Dennis, anti-bullying

1. Take The Bully Test - Answer This Question

Bullies are: 

a. Not cool

b. Not friendly

c. Not popular

d. Not respected

e. Not welcome, anywhere


HINT! I know the answer - check out my pic.

2 - Don't Become A Bully

Bullying is when someone hurts another person on purpose. 

It can be done to one person or a to a group.

It can be done through physical violence, words or ganging up. 

It can happen face-to-face, by phone or online. 

If YOU never become a bully, then that's one less bully in the world.

3 - Never Hit Back

Dad told me to laugh my way out of trouble by sharing Beano with my bully. 

Instead, I rolled it up and used it to bash him back! That was a bad idea.

Never retaliate – you’ll only get hurt or into trouble. 

I should know...

4 - Bullying Is Never Your Fault

Being bullied is NEVER your fault, no matter what the bully says. 

I always say nothing's my fault, so I'm ahead of the curve on this one...

Gnasher, if you're thinking about gnashing that bully's bottom, remember - never bite back!

5 - Tell Someone As Soon As You Can

Keep a diary of when any bullying happens. This will make you feel more confident about reporting it to someone. 

The best way to stop it happening is to tell a trusted person, like a friend, parent or teacher. 

Remember this isn’t telling tales – bullies need to stop for their own good too!

6 - Different Is Brilliant

Everyone in Beanotown is different, that's what makes it such an awesome place.

f you see someone being bullied because they're different, stick up for them or at least make sure they know that YOU think they're cool.

Imagine how rubbish things would be if everyone was just like the bullies!

7 - Always Be Nice... To Everyone

Being epic to yourself and everyone else is the best way to create a bully-free zone. 

Treat other people the way you would like to be treated by them.

Kindness is the best way to beat bullying!

8 - Promise To Beat Bullies Forever

If everyone made and kept these simple promises, bullying could vanish forever!

Repeat after me:

1. I will not bully others

2. I will try to help those I see being bullied

3. I will include people who are left out

4. I will tell a grown-up if I know someone is being bullied

Thanks for reading this - if everyone followed these tips to beat bullying, the world would be a happier place.

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