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Can You Beat Our Beano Superstar Jumper Quiz?

Go on! Prove how much you know, Beano clothing...

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 5th 2017

Who do these jumpers belong to?

1/10 A red jersey

2/10 A red jersey with a number 13

3/10 A black jumper with a yellow skull

4/10 A red and black stripe jumper

5/10 Minnie the Minx's jersey

6/10 A red and black check jersey

7/10 A pink and blue strip dress

8/10 A yellow jumper with a tie

9/10 A blue and black stripe jumper

10/10 A green jumper

You're a jumper genius! Well done!

Ouch! You don't know much about the Beanotown kids' outfits