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Cute Dogs! Guess The Cute Dog Name

Everyone loves cute dogs, right?! But can you tell what a dogs name is just by looking at their face? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 30th 2017
1/10 Cute dog running

2/10 Cute dog jumping

3/10 One of our cute dogs wearing sunglasses

4/10 A dog with its tongue out

5/10 Dog waving with paw

6/10 A smiling dog

7/10 A cat in a box

8/10 Sleepy dog

9/10 White dog in a car

10/10 A puppy

Oh no! You did not score very well at all! Maybe play again and see if you can do better! ? ?

Hmmm... not the best. Maybe you're more of a cat person? ? ? Why not play again to see if you can do better?

SO CLOSE! You should feel great- you are clearly a dog person with a great eye for puppers! ? ? Play again to see if you can get more of the names right!

HIGH FIVE! You got ALL of the names right! Are you a dog whisperer?! ? ?  Play again for the LOLS!