The Ultimate Film Dog Quiz!

How well do you know your Hollywood hounds? Take this paw-some quiz and find out!

Good luck!

Image by Giphy

What is the name of the girl who adopts this White Shepherd puppy called Bolt?

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In Marley and Me, what is the name of the dog handler who attempts to train the Labrador puppy?

Image by Giphy

In Lady and the Tramp, what's the Italian dish they awkwardly share?

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In Frankenweenie, what is the name of the dog who belonged to the young scientist Victor Frankenstein?

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In Isle of Dogs, what's the name of the leader of the pack?

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Image by Universal Studios

Beethoven is a huge St Bernard. But who was he named after?

Image by Disney

How many Dalmatians were featured the sequel to 101 Dalmatians?

Image by Disney

What's the name of the tiny pooch in Beverly Hills Chihuahua? 

Image by Warner Bros. Pictures

In Cats & Dogs, what's the name of the Bloodhound who gets kidnapped by a gang of cats?

Image by Giphy

In The Fox and the Hound, what's the name of Tod the fox's best friend?

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