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Does Your Dog Love You?

Everyone thinks their dog loves them...but do they really? Find out with this four-legged, fun-filled quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 14th 2021

What happens when you tickle your dog behind the ears?


What's your dog's favorite thing ever?


What does your dog want to eat for dinner?


What's the most annoying thing your dog does?


Have you ever tried to dress your dog up in silly outfits? What happened?


Does your dog like other dogs?

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Which of these does your dog do most?


What would your dog's ideal birthday party be like?


How does your dog let you know when they're hungry?


Would you ever leave your dinner unattended near your dog?

Your dog really loves you!

And he or she can't hide it! They like nothing more than playing fetch and getting patted on the head by their favourite human (you).

Your dog loves you!

...But that doesn't mean they don't get annoyed with you sometimes. They're very patient though, and never snap or complain, even when you make them pose for silly pictures. Good dog!

Your dog does love you...

But it's not always obvious. They might look pretty grumpy sometimes, but they're your biggest fan - honest!

Your dog pretends not to love you!

It's easy to think your dog doesn't love you as they're pretty grumpy most of the time. They love you really though, and besides - everyone has bad days sometimes!