Can You Guess Which Football Team These Famous People Support?

Find the clue in each image to figure out which celebrities support which club!

Celebs and Clubs - which footie is their favourite?

Prince Harry?

Prince Harry
Image by Twitter | @PHarrysBeard1

Daniel Craig (aka Bond...James Bond)

Daniel Craig
Image by Twitter | @DanielCraigOO7

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec
Image by Twitter | @antanddec

Alan Sugar and Adele

Sir Sugar and Miss Sweet Voice
Image by Twitter | @Lord_Sugar and @adele

Usain Bolt and Justin Timberlake

Image by @jtimberlake and @usainbolt | Twitter

Louis Tomlinson from One Direction

Louis Tomlinson
Image by Twitter | Louis_Tomlinson

Barack Obama


Olly Murs

Olly Murs

Jade from Little Mix

Jade off of Little Mix
Image by Twitter | iamjadeamelia
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