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Can You Pass The Explosive Volcano Quiz?

Get ready to face a MASSIVE explosion of hot, molten, volcano-based quiz questions that are about to pour down the rocky slopes of Mount Quiz! Can you pass the explosive volcano quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 16th 2021

Check your seismograph because we’re about to erupt!


Which volcano took out a whole Ancient Roman city?


A sleeping volcano can be described as…


What do you call molten rock when it is beneath ground?


What Volcano can be seen from Tokyo?


What do you call molten rock above ground?


In 1883 one of the most biggest volcanic eruptions in human history occurred near Indonesia. What was the name of the Volcano?


What type of rock is formed when molten rock cools and becomes solid again?


When lava hits the sea, it cools and harden faster than normal and the bubbles caused by the water boiling can be trapped in the rock making it light enough to float. What is this rock called?


Pumice stones can sometimes be found in bathrooms. What are they used for?


Which is the largest volcano in the world?

Your brain is currently dormant

Minor Tremors. Your brain is getting ready to erupt. Have another go!

Awesome Explosive Skills. Your brain is on FIRE!!