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Can You Prank Your Pals?

Mess with your mates with these awesome Halloween pranks!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Can You Prank Your Pals?


Grape Japes - Convince your friends that your eyeball has just come out by squishing a grape in your hand and keeping your eye closes - they'll be horrified! What's your next move?


There's a pesky poltergiest loose! Tie a bit of thread around a chair leg and give it a tug when someone's looking, and it'll seem like the furniture is coming to life! When's the best time to do it?


Handy Candy - Cut a hole in the bottom of a cardboard bowl (or get a parent to do it) and stick your hand through. Then put loads of sweets on top - when you offer some to your mates, they'll get the shock of their life when they see a hand looming out at them! What do you say after that?


Hide a fake hand up your sleeve, and when your mate goes in for your secret handshake or a hive five, the hand comes away! How could you take this up a level?


Bug feast - It's lunchtime, and your friend has popped to the loo. While they're away, hide a fake creepy crawly in their sandwich, then watch them take a bite! Which bug would you choose?


It's a ghost! Get a sheet and put it over a helium-filled balloon and put it in the corner of the room - it will look like you have a real ghost floating there! What will you say to make it extra scary?


Brussel sprout treats! Covered a load of Brussel sprouts in melted chocolate and offer them to your friends! Watch as they realise its not such a tasty treat! How could you make this prank even better?


Mix food colouring with toothpaste and frighten your friends by foaming at the mouth! What else could you put in your mouth to scare them?


Ask them 'Did you do the extra homework we got?' Maybe its not spooky scary, but it will definetely freak them out! What's the worst kind of homework?

Perfect Pal

You're too nice to really prank your friends!ย 

Mean Mate

You love a good prank and your mates should watch out! But you could be a bit spookier!

Fiend of Fun

You'd rather be having a laugh WITH your pals than at them

Perfect Prankster

You're an expert pranker and Halloween is your specialist subject!ย