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Can You Save the Planet?

Dougie Poynter's new book is Plastic Sucks. He wants to know: can you save the planet?

Planet-saving expert and author of Plastic Sucks, Dougie Poynter, takes the Can You Save the Planet? quiz.

Do you know how many plastic bottles we recycle? How about how long it takes a plastic bag to decompose?

Take the quiz to find out for sure!

Dougie’s top tips for saving the planet:

– Use paper bags or reusable bags instead of plastic ones.
– Tell as many people as you can: DON’T USE PLASTIC!
– Balloons are bad for the environment, use something else to decorate your party instead.
– Paper confetti is better than glitter.
– Wooden cutlery is a great alternative to plastic.

Now find out if you can save the planet with our Can You Save the Planet? quiz.