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Can You Score On This Celtic FC Quiz?

Celtic FC are one of the most successful football clubs ever to have existed. They’ve won more league titles than Manchester City and Chelsea combined! Together with their rivals Glasgow City they’ve dominated the Scottish Premier League for ages, but can you dominate our Celtic FC Quiz?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 25th 2022

You’ve picked the ball up on the halfway line and the Celtic Park crowd are chanting your name. What are you going to do. Can you answer enough questions to score a belter in this Celtic FC Quiz!


What sport do Celtic FC play?


What country are Celtic FC from?


What city are Celtic FC from?


4/20 Which of these colours feature with white in the Celtic FC kit?


What is the name of Celtic FC’s ground?

6/20 Rabbit smelling flowers

What flower is on the Celtic FC badge?


Which best describes the design of Celtic FC’s kit?

8/20 Two children grabbing a football in a park

Who are Celtic FC’s biggest rivals?


Which one is Celtic FC’s real nickname?


Which one of these is another Celtic FC nickname?

11/20 A superhero revealing his costume

Spot the real Celtic FC legend

@virgilvandyke | Instagram

Virgil Van Dyke played for Celtic FC. True or False?

13/20 A diving goalkeeper

Which of these names is a Celtic goalkeeping legend?

14/20 A football in the back of a goal net

Which of these Scottish Legends played for Celtic and Liverpool?


Which of these managers won the treble with Celtic


16/20 What colour is Celtics 2021-22 Season change kit?


Which one of these managers was managing during Celtic’s best ever year in 1967


In 2021 Celtic FC were one of the only five clubs in the world to have won over 100 major trophies. True or False?


Is Celtic Park the biggest stadium in Scotland?


Celtic have won more Scottish league titles than Glasgow Rangers. True or false?

Own goal! Are you a Manchester United fan and clicked on the wrong quiz? Not to worry – have another go and we’re sure you’ll get an even better score!

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Hat-trick! A player of the match performance!