Can You Take on Our Walter Brown Quiz?

Test Your Knowledge Of Dennis the Menace's Sworn Enemy!

Walter Brown Beano Dennis and Gnasher

Walter Brown is the kid who thinks fun should be banned, but how much do you know about him? Take our quiz to find out!

Where does Walter live?

Who is Walter's best friend (even if Walter would never call him his friend)?

What is Walter's pet cat called?

What does Walter want to be when he grows up?

Why does Walter have so much power in Beanotown?

What is Walter's dad's name?

Walter has a pool in his garden, but who secretly uses it when he's out?

True or false - Dennis the Menace's mum works for Walter's dad?

What is Walter's most prized possession?

When Walter wanted to be class president at Bash Street School, who stopped him by winning the election?

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