Can You Work Out Which Team These Footie Stars Play For?

Cristiano Ronaldo and co have washed their new shirts so much they've rubbed off the logo! Can you work out which country they come from?

Image by Nike |

Here's Portugal striker Ronaldo wearing his World Cup kit. But which logo is missing?

Image by brfootball | Instagram

Next up, it's Mexico's goal-getting forward, Javier Hernández. But which logo fits the kit?

Image by England | Instagram

Here's England striker Marcus Rashford wearing his country's kit, but without the logo. Can you spot it?

Image by Nike | Twitter

Brazil have won the World Cup more than anyone else, but can you tell which logo is missing from the kit Paulinho is wearing?

Image by LaSenyera | Twitter

Argentina are Brazil's biggest rivals and one of the main reasons is Lionel Messi! But which logo is missing from his kit?

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Image by brfootball | Instagram

Okay, Russia's team strip next and midfielder Denis Glushakov is wearing the new shirt, but which is the missing logo?

Image by adidasuk |

It's Columbia up next and here's James Rodríguez showing off the new strip but it's missing a logo! Can you work out which?

Image by adidasuk |

Another of the World Cup's big winners now and here's Mesut Özil in Germany's new kit. But which logo is it missing?

Image by Adidasuk | Mailonline

Shinji Kagawa is wearing Japan's World Cup kit but do you think you can work out which is the missing logo here?

Image by IndyFootball | Instagram

And finally, here's Belgium's Michy Batshuayi looking chuffed to be wearing his new shirt, but where's the logo?!

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