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Can Your Eyes See These Incredible Optical Illusions?

You'll have to have super sight to spot these crazy optical illusions!

You’ll have to have incredible super powers to spot these amazing optical illusions!

These are so confusing for your eyes! In one of the illusions, it looks like it’s a Rubik’s cube sitting on a piece of paper, but it’s really just your eyes playing tricks on you! Woah. Creepy.

A Rubik's cube illusion

With a lot of these, the illusion is all about perspective (which means the way you look at it). When you move or move the object, it all looks completely different – it’s just so clever! 

Check out these candles which look like they’re placed randomly across the floor…

Check out this amazing candle illusion – can you work it out?

Watch the video to see if your eyes can work them out! You have some serious eyeball superpowers if you can!