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Only Capital City Experts Should Take This Emoji Quiz!

Can you decipher these capital cities from the emoji clues? Give it a go in this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 4th 2022

If you love geography and love emojis, then this is the quiz for you. We've set up a bunch of tricky emoji clues, and it's up to you to try and work out which capital city we're hinting at! This quiz needs some serious thinking, but if you know your geography like we think you do, and love using emojis then you're in with a good chance! And if you get stuck, try saying each clue out loud! That's the only help you're getting.

Do you think you can get a perfect score? Let's get guessing those capital cities and find out!


Let's start off with this capital city in Scandanavia...


Are you ready for another question? What's the name of this Romanian city?


Which capital city is this?


Let's go to South America for this next question.


This capital city is near Austria and Hungary.


This capital city has the same name as the country it is in, which is handy. But what's the answer?


Do you know anyone from Nepal? They might be able to help you if you're stuck.


Which capital city is this?


If you know the country's flag and add 'city' to that, you've got yourself another point!


It's the capital of Iraq, it's... what?


Which of these items of footwear is a Capital city?


Hint - the first emoji is moss!


Which capital could this be?


Which city do these symbols represent?


These emojis spell out a capital city - but which one?


What about this one?


What about this one? What do these emoji's symbolise?


Which city do these represent?


Which capital do these emojis spell out? 


Which city is symbolised here?


Finally - what city is being spelled out here?

Wow! You're the master of decoding and you know a lot of capital cities! Points all round!

Well done! You're an emoji expert and you know your capitals!

Not bad, but you could always score higher! Have another go and see if you learn anything new about capital cities! 

Oh no! Someone needs to go back to emoji geography class! Nevermind, try again and maybe you'll score higher!