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The Ultimate Capture The Flag Quiz!

How much do you know about this flag-based game? Take the quiz and test your trivia!

1/12 Robert Baden Powell
Wikimedia Commons

Scouts founder Robert Baden-Powell wrote about the game in his 1908 book Scouting For Boys. What did he call it?

2/12 Tagged during Capture the Flag

Once a player has been tagged, what is the zone called where they must stay until the end of the game?

3/12 A pineapple next to a swirling clock

What happens when five minutes have passed and neither side has grabbed their opponents' flag?

4/12 A woman thinking about the quiz

Can a player throw a flag before they're tagged?

5/12 A man thinking about the answer
Achievement Hunter | Giphy

You can protect your team's flag by standing on it. True or false?

6/12 A man skilfully tagging an opponent

What happens if you're tagged in your own half?

7/12 A man waving a flag

What happens if you're tagged in your opponents' half?

8/12 A person thinking

If no teams capture a flag, how are points decided at the end of the game?

9/12 A stopwatch against a Minecraft-style background

How long should a game last?

10/12 A referee holding a whistle

Should a referee be present during the game?

11/12 Minecraft
Minecraft | Mojang Studios

In the Minecraft mini-game, what colours are the two teams?

12/12 A scene from the film Yes Day
Yes Day | Grey Matter Productions, Entertainment 360 | Lawrence Grey, Ben Everard, Daniel Rappaport, Nicole King Solaka, Jennifer Garner | Miguel Arteta

In the movie Yes Day, which member of the Torres wins their game of Capture The Flag?

Oh no

Oh no! You'll never get a flag at this rate!

Good try

Good try! Why not try again?

Great work

Great work! You almost grabbed the flag!


Wow! Excellent stuff. You get ALL of the flags!

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