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Our Car Emoji Quiz That Won't Tyre You Out!

Can you guess the car from these emoji clues? Use your detective skills to figure out exactly what we're talking about here! Will you guess right?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 22nd 2022

We've carefully assembled this car emoji quiz to test your skills! Can you guess which cars we're spelling out with emojis? There's only one way to find out! Good luck!

1/10 Emoji Puzzle

Which car is this?

2/10 Emoji Puzzle

What car do these emojis represent?

3/10 Emoji Puzzle

Which car is this?

4/10 Emoji Puzzle

What's this?

5/10 Emoji Puzzle

Which car feauture are these emojis spelling out?

6/10 Emoji Puzzle

Which car brand is this?

7/10 Emoji Puzzle

What about this one?

8/10 Emoji Puzzle

Which car might this be?

9/10 Emoji Puzzle

This one?

10/10 Emoji Puzzle

Finally, what car brand might this be?

Nooo result

Noooo! You can tell a car from a canary, because you got 0 marks! Never mind, its not too late to have another go!

Try again result

You know a couple of the basics, but not nearly enough to ace this car emoji quiz! Try again and see if you score any higher!

Well done result

Well done! You're a real emoji expert! But can you get full marks next time? Have a go and see!

Wow result

Wow, no way! You got full marks! There's no one better at identifying cars through emojis than you! (And that's a very niche speciality, you should be proud!)