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Can You Ace This Cartoon Emoji Quiz?

If you're into cartoons and emojis, then you'll love this emoji cartoon quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 23rd 2022

Are you a fan of cartoons? Are you fluent in the language of emojis? Then this is the quiz for you. We've taken the name of 10 cartoons – some new, some classic, all hilarious – and reimagined their titles as emojis. Can you name all of them? There's only one way to find out... Quiz!

1/10 Emojis: a bathroom sponge, white shape with four sides and a pair of shorts

Let's kick things off with an easy question. Which cartoon is this?

2/10 Emojis: megaphone, small home

What about this one?

3/10 Emojis: red apple, onion

And this?

4/10 Emojis: a dog and a ghost

A dog and a ghost. Which cartoon could this be?

5/10 Emojis: a star, ladybird, a black cat

Lots going on here. Do you know the name of this cartoon?

6/10 Emojis: coffee, human face and TV screen

Looks like a Saturday morning to us. What's the title of this cartoon?

7/10 Emojis: four turtles and a rat

Some tortoises and a mouse? What is this?

8/10 Emojis: jeans, monster, tomato sauce and lightning bolt

Can you name this cartoon using the four emojis?

9/10 Emojis: sign with an arrow pointing upwards, a cat emoji, a waste paper basket and a police officer

What about this one?

10/10 Emojis: four humans and a dinosaur

Four one final point, can you name this REALLY OLD classic cartoon?

Result: Oh no

Oh dear! Was this not the score you were expecting? Not to worry. Why not take another go and you may do a bit better next time!

Result: Not bad

Not bad! It may have looked easy at first, but some of them were a bit tricky, weren't they? Why not have another go and you might get an even better score!

Result: Great work

Great work! You clearly know your cartoons and lots about emojis. Why not take another one of our emoji quizzes on the site?

Result: Wow

Wow! You're an expert in emojis and cartoons. Fantastic work! Why not take another one of our emoji quizzes on the site? You'll probably get another amazing score!