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Celebrities Turned into Easter Eggs!

Ever wondered what your favourite celebrity would look like as an Easter egg? We've done the hard work for you!

Ed Sheeran!

Ever gave a moment’s thought to what The Shape Of You is about? It’s about Ed Sheeran wondering what his head would look like as a tasty Easter egg!

Camila Cabello

We wonder if the former Fifth Harmony vocalist could sing just as well despite having a head made completely of chocolate?She’d probably melt under the stage lights!


The YouTube star looks like an awesome novelty egg – but we’d probably take his earrings out first or they’d hurt our teeth 

Ariana Grande

Would this Ariana Grande chocolate egg come with a free mug or a bag of miniature eggs? Either way – take our money!

Big Shaq

Egg’s not hot – unless it’s a boiled egg

Emma Watson!

The Beauty and the Beast star looks just as recognisable with a head made of milk chocolateBut what about her beastly co-star?

…and the Beast-er Bunny!

There he is! We’d get the shock of our lives if we saw him prowling around the garden leaving eggs for us to find!

Walt Disney

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