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Celebrity Picture Quiz - Can You Name Them All!?

Celebrities are famous almost the world over - but can you name them from these pictures alone?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 20th 2023

How quickly can you spot a celebrity? Do you have eagle eyes and a talent for identifying famous people in the blink of an eye? Then this is the quiz for you! See how well you know film stars and the like by taking their simple 10-question quiz!

1/10 A celebrity with a yellow arrow pointed at their head
Columbia Pictures | Matt Tolmach | Jake Kasdan

Name this celeb!

2/10 An actor in a wooly jumper
Universal Pictures | Neal H Moritz | Rob Cohen

Name this celeb!

3/10 An actor in a hat
Legendary Pictures | Mary Parent | Harry Bradbeer

Name this celeb!

4/10 An actor from a sci-fi film
Columbia Pictures | Walter F Parkes | Barry Sonnenfeld

Name this celeb!

5/10 A scene from a film involving moustaches
Legendary Pictures | Mary Parent | Harry Bradbeer

Name this celeb!

6/10 A famous actor in a sci-fi movie
Warner Bros | Peter MacGregor Scott | Joel Schumacher

Name this celeb?!

7/10 An actor in the film Wonka
Wonka | Warner Bros | David Heyman | Paul King

Who is this celeb?

8/10 An actor from a Sherlock Holmes film
Sherlock Holmes | Warner Bros | Joel Silver | Guy Ritchie

Who is this celeb?

9/10 A martial arts actor and a dog wearing sunglasses
Golden Harvest | Golden Way Films | Jackie Chan

Who is this celeb?

10/10 A British actor
Pathe | Gabrielle Tana | Stephen Frears

Who is this celeb?

Result: Oh no

Have you ever stopped in the street as someone walked past and thought - “Hey! Wasn’t that whatshername?” We definitely have, and maybe, just maybe that was actually a celebrity wandering past! So why not test your celebrity knowledge with this quiz how many can you get right?!

Result: Not bad

Okay! It looks like maybe you walk through life with your eyes closed, or maybe you’ve got better things to do that remember what celebrities look like. Maybe you’re the kind of person that isn’t obsessed with those strangers from the TV? Or maybe you just need to spend a little more time with that big book of celebs? Why not have another go and see if you can get any more right?

Result: High score

Right! Not bad! You know a fair few celebrity faces and that’s not too bad at all! Of course, you might be someone who doesn’t spend their whole time oogling over celebs - in which case, this is an EXCELLENT score! But if you think that you’ve got a good eye for celebs, then maybe it’s time to try this quiz again and see if that little bit of extra practice pays off! What are you waiting for?!

Result: Full marks

Awesome! Wow, okay - you know almost all of the celebrities that we put in front of you! Well done! There really isn’t much that can get past you! You’re the kind of person that would spot out a friend (or a celebrity) in a crowd without breaking a sweat! Great work! But do you think you’ve got it in you to get full marks on this quiz? Why not give it another try and see if you can!