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Charles Leclerc Pole Position Quiz

Charles Leclerc is one of the best F1 drivers out there, why not test your knowledge about them here?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  September 9th 2022

With medals, trophies and a long list of wins under his belt, Leclerc is one of the biggest names in the sport! He’s only a young man, but he’s got a bright future ahead of him, as well as a well tarmacked road! But how much do you know about this speedy fellow!?

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What sport does Leclerc take part in?


Name this car brand?

@Charles_Leclerc | Twitter

Does he have any siblings?

@Charles_Leclerc | Twitter

Where is Leclerc from?


What year did he win the Belgian Grand Prix?


If you said Monaco, well done! But what is the population of Monaco?

@Charles_Leclerc | Twitter

What languages does he speak?


When did he get his first full-time Ferrari contract?


When was he born?


Why is his number 16?

Uh Oh! It looks like you never made it off the starting line! It’s a bit disappointing but you know, nobody becomes an F1 Genius straight off the bat! Why not try again and see if you can improve your score!

Nice, you made it round the first lap, but it looks like your pit-team were asleep when it came to changing your tyres! Why not have another go at the quiz and see if you can do better?

@Charles_Leclerc | Twitter

Wowee! Not bad, you’re up there with the leaders of the pack! You held pole position for a little while but sadly let it slip when it really mattered! Why not try this quiz again and see if you can win the race, <cough> I mean quiz!

@Charles_Leclerc | Twitter

Amazing! Full marks! If this were a race you’d be right at the front there! Epic style! You really showed the other drivers/quizzers who is the expert! Nicely done, you’ve definitely got a bright future, just like Leclerc!