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Which Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Version Are You?

Chocolate! Rivers of chocolate! What’s not to love? But are you the remake or the original film? It’s Wonka time!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 8th 2023

The original was an instant classic, and when the time came for a remake, the next one was just as good! But which of these films have you got more of a connection to? Where will your golden ticket take you? There’s only one way to find out and that’s right here! So what are you waiting for, let’s get inside the Wonka factory!

1/10 A dog and a chocolate car

What is your favourite way to travel?

2/10 two mangoes looking at each other

Choose a flavour!

A man with a crab on his head

There is a crab on your head, what do you do?

4/10 A raccoon and a chocolate hammer

You can’t open your chocolate wrapper, what tool do you use?

5/10 A chocolate football, looking at a chocolate boot

What is your favourite sport?

6/10 A monkey has stolen something and is running away

A monkey has stolen your golden ticket, what do you do?

7/10 A woman at the dentist

It’s time to visit the dentist, how scared are you?

8/10 A small woman looking at a huge pile of chocolate

Willy Wonka offers you a lifetime supply of chocolate, what would you do for it?

9/10 A fizzy drink being poured

Would you drink the Fizzy Lifting Drink?

10/10 A smiling toffee apple in space

Choose a sweet!

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The Book!

Awesome! You’re the real original! You’re not either of the films, instead you’ve got most in common with the brilliant book! You like things to be true to the story, nothing missed out and nothing forgotten, especially when it comes to chocolate! What a great result, who needs moving images when you’ve got imagination right?!

Wolper Pictures | Stan Margulies | Mel Stuart

The Original Film!

You’re the original! You like things to be classic, timeless and above all, chocolatey! The remake simply doesn’t have the character of the old one, that’s probably got something to do with Gene Wilder being 1000% better as Willy Wonka than that other guy, we can’t remember his name, his performance was so dull!

Richard D Zanuck | Warner Bros | Tim Burton

The Remake!

You’re the remake! You like things to be a bit more shiny and polished! Who needs the past right? Things are way better now, and things only get better right? What is absolutely certain is that the chocolate factory is considerably more magical the second time around! Awesome, but don’t forget to brush your teeth!