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Which Wonka Character Are You?

From Slugworth to Abacus Crunch there are so many characters, but which are you most like?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 30th 2023

Are you bewildered by all the wonderfully magical characters in the Wonka film? Why not let us do the hard work and you can find out for yourself which of them you’ve got most in common with! Will it be Wonka himself or maybe Prodnose? Let’s put it to the test and work it all out! What are you wonking about for? Let’s go!


What is your favourite type of chocolate?


A part of the chocolate making machine has broken, what do you do?


There is a world shortage of sprinkles - what do you use instead?


What is your favourite colour?


The chocolate cartel has stolen your recipe - how do you get it back?


Where would you rather go on holiday?


The sun is shining and your chocolate is melting, what do you do?


When there’s no chocolate, which fruit do you like the most?


What time do you go to bed?


A hungry badger asks for a bite of your sandwich, what do you do?

Warner Bros | David Heyman | Paul King


Amazing, you’ve got a young Wonka himself! What a result! There are few characters in the whole film that have quite the same energy and frankly amazing skill when it comes to chocolate, so this really couldn’t have gone much better! You’ve got the same dedication when it comes to skills, and like Wonka, there are big things ahead for you! Great!

Warner Bros | David Heyman | Paul King


Awesome! You’re Lofty the Oompa Loompa! Now Lofty doesn’t start out on the best of terms with Wonka, but they soon become pretty good friends and we all know that Wonka’s chocolate wouldn’t be anywhere near the same without Lofty’s help! Now Lofty might be small, but they’ve got a great big brain and when they put their mind to it, just like you, anything is possible! Great stuff!

Warner Bros | David Heyman | Paul King

The Chief!

Nice! Now as we all know, police make mistakes! But few police get it as badly wrong as the Chief of Police in the story of Wonka! Everything he does seems to make the situation worse, but sometimes it’s exactly those mistakes that keep the chocolate world a funny place to be in! So sure, he might bonk Wonka on the head, but deep down he’s probably a good person, right?

Warner Bros | David Heyman | Paul King


Uh Oh! You’ve got most in common with Slugworth! What a disaster! Slugworth is one of those characters that just can’t get enough, even when he has so much! That’s not to say he’s greedy, but he can’t stand that Wonka is making a name for himself! What ol’ Sluggers doesn’t get is that when we share, everything gets better for everyone! There’s no point having all the chocolate in the world if you’ve got no friends to eat it with is there?