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Check Out These Satisfying Slime Videos!

Poke it. Squish it. Stretch it. Whatever you do with slime it's always satisfying!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  June 21st 2017

We can’t remember a time when we weren’t obsessed by slime. From the moment we wake up until the time we go to bed at night, our every waking moment is taken up by the stuff. Well, apart from when we’re not thinking about Beano and telling each other awesome jokes.

But slime is amazing, isn’t it? It’s squishy, stretchy, sparkly and can become a quite hypnotic if we look at it for too long.

There’s loads of amazing slime videos on the internet, so we’ve compiled the best clips ever! 

Imagine if the galaxy was squishy and stretchy!

This multi-coloured, sparkly slime is out of this world!

Shiny shiny!

Look at this shiny slime! It's like squishy gold – awesome!

A slimy fidget spinner!

Why not combine two of the greatest things on earth? It's worth pointing out that the fidget spinner won't, um, spin!

Is this crunchy or gooey?

Our brains can't handle this – it's too weird!

Is this a pot of yoghurt or slime?

Imagine tucking into this during lunchtime – it would be so chewy!