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This Chocolate Emoji Quiz Is Nut To Be Truffled With!

Like chocolate? We'll see about that! Match the tricky emoji clue to the chocolatey treat in this fantastic food quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  December 16th 2022

Who likes chocolate? That's right - everyone does! And there we have it… the easiest question in this chocolate quiz! The other 10 questions are much harder - and really test how well you can recognise different chocolate brands from these tricky emoji clues.

So to do well in this chocolatey challenge you'll need to know lots about everyone's favourite snack AND be good at thinking out of the box! Or at least, out of the wrapper! Ready to find out how well you'll do?


Let's name that chocolate!


Any ideas what this brand could be?


Hmm. What about this one?


Next up! What could it be?


Tricky. Any ideas?


Concentrate on the chocolate!


Any guesses?


Interesting choice of emojis. But what chocolate might it be?


Tricky! What could it be?


Last one! Good luck, chocolate fans!

Argh! Oh no! You didn't do very well at this quiz! This is most definitely not a delicious result. Fancy having another go and proving your snack credentials? And remember, doing badly on quizzes must be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet! By the way, if you'd rather try a less chocolatey quiz we have plenty more where this one came from!

Decent! You definitely know a few things about chocolate! You haven't done amazingy well at this quiz though, which maybe means you should have another go and see if you can do better. Or try a different quiz (we have loads). Or do neither of those things - and go eat chocolate instead!

Sweet! This score is really nice. You know your stuff! And your chocolate! Well done! You did miss a few right answers but never mind. Can't get 'em all. Fancy seeing if you can beat this score on a different food quiz? We have enough for everyone!

Wahoo! What a treat of a score! You nailed this quiz! Well done! If there's a brand of chocolate out there you can't spot from an emoji, we don't wanna know about it! So this score can't be beat, but you might be able to match it on another food quiz. Ready to find out?