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Choose Your Own Spooky Clown Adventure

Can you escape from Frumpo the Clown? You choose the ending to this spooky circus story!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

It's a cold autumn day, just before Halloween. On your way to school you spot a crumpled-up leaflet for a travelling circus in a pile of leaves. The leaflet says:FRUMPO THE CLOWNTHE UNDEAD ENTERTAINER IS BACK WITH A SCREAMIGNORE THIS LEAFLET AT YOUR PERIL!What do you do?


...2 days later...T'was the night before Halloween, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a...


As you lie in bed, you hear a faint honking noise coming from the street outside your house. What do you do?


You look outside and think you see a small, brightly-coloured car bouncing round the corner of your street. As it bounces off you hear that same honking noise again. What is that honking noise?


You're getting a bit creeped out by the mysterious honking noise, but you finally get back to sleep. You wake up the next morning and to your HORROR, the front of your house is covered in whipped cream. You find a single red nose lying on your doormat. What do you do?


Just as you go back into the house there's a knock at the door. What do you do?


You open the door anyway and it's an old man in a leather coat. He says his name is Von Snootling and he's an evil clown hunter. He says he's on the hunt for a particularly dangerous clown called Frumpo. Do you trust him?


Von Snootling seems worried about the honking noise and the small, bouncing car. He asks if you've ever seen any leaflets for Frumpo the Clown, and if you did - what did you do?


Von Snootling looks at you suspiciously. He says if you ignored Frumpo's leaflet you can expect a visit from him. And if that happens, you'll be in serious trouble. There's only one way to stop a spooky clown, and that's...


The clown hunter says he'll be keeping an eye on you, and then disappears. What do you do next?


11/20 You spend the next few hours worrying, and collecting things that might be useful if Frumpo comes to visit. What do you get?

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As evening draws in, you hear that blood-curdling sound once more.HONKHONKHONK


Right on time, a clown shaped shadow appears in your bedroom window. Frumpo's back! What do you do?

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A withered, white hand opens the window (why didn't you lock it?) and Frumpo says..."I am Frumpo! The greatest clown alive! You ignored my leaflet, and I'm so sick of kids doing that! Now you must choose - either I put on a show for you and you like it, or I eat you. What will it be?"


Before you can answer him, Frumpo leaps into his routine. He pulls out some juggling balls and starts hopping on one leg, whilst singing old-timey songs about chimney sweeps and roast beef. How do you react?


Frumpo stops his act and shouts: "What's the point? You kids today don't like real entertainment, you just play video games and watch rubbish videos on Youtube! This is your last chance! Laugh at this joke or I'll eat you! ...What green and invisible?"

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"Gah! You've ruined my act! That's it, prepare to be eaten!"Frumpo lurches forward, his huge blue tongue waving around in his mouth. What do you do?!


You duck out the door and run down the hall, with the sound of Frumpo's huge clown shoes slapping on the carpet behind you. Where do you run to?

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You keep running, but he's gaining on you! Now what?


Oh no! Disaster strikes - you've tripped up on your shoelaces! Frumpo stands over you - laughing as he pulls out a napkin.Any final ideas before you get eaten?

You beat Frumpo!

Just in the nick of time, you remember what Van Snootling told you - the only way to beat an evil clown is by ruining their jokes. You shout "this cabbage! This cabbage! That was the punchline to your joke about what's green and invisible! I already knew it and it's rubbish!"Frumpo realises he's been beaten - he lets out a loud grumble and shrivels up into a red, hairy ball.Great work!

Frumpo got you!

Oh no! You couldn't think of a way out!Nooooooooooo! It's the end! Or is it?(Yes, it is. Sorry)

You escaped the Clown!

Right at the last minute you wriggle free and jump out of the window. As you run down the street you see Van Snootling running in the opposite direction, with a book of anti-clown spells and a big stick. Phew! You're safe.......For now!

You were saved by Von Snootling!

Just as Frumpo is about to eat you, Van Snootling bursts through the wall and starts shouting anti-clown spells. Frumpo stops in his tracks and shrivels up into a ball of red hair, leaving only a greasy patch on the floor.Phew! Thanks Van Snootling!