Choose Your Own Werewolf Adventure!

Will you fall victim to the Werewolf, or can you escape it's canine clutches? Determine your fate with this toothy, TERRIER-ifying Halloween Werewolf adventure!

Things are about to get real hairy... Continue forth, if you dare!

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It's the night before Halloween. What do you feel like doing?

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A friend texts you asking if you've heard rumours about some recent odd occurrences in the neighbourhood... what do you text back?

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Your friend doesn't text back... hmm. 

While relaxing on the sofa, you spy a book on the shelf called 'Where Wolf / There Wolf: A Guide To Lycanthropes' by Doctor Frank Von Hoobastank. 

What do you do?

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You've eaten dinner and now you're about to settle in and watch a scary movie. Which one do you pick?

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After the movie, you call your friend to see why they haven't texted back... no answer. Their last photo on Instagram was an hour ago, in the park- which is only five minutes from your house. What do you do?

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What do you decide to wear before heading out?

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Before you leave, you grab a slice of cake for the walk and see two everyday kitchen objects on the table... a torch and mysterious amulet. What do you take?

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Gulp... it's a full moon! You think twice about heading out into the darkness... 

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Despite your reservations, you continue with your rescue mission. There's no doubt about it, it's a spooky night. As you creep down the empty street - wind howling and leaves crunching underfoot - you wonder what could have happened to your friend. Just before you get to the park gate, your hear a noise coming from the bushes... what do you shout?

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"Leave here young one!" yells a wild-eyed man emerging from the bushes.  "It's not safe!" 

His face looks familiar... 

"Haven't I seen you before?" you ask. 

"Doctor Frank 'The Tank' Von Hoobastank, at your service," replies the bush occupant. "I have reliable information there are wolves in the area. You must return home at once!" 

Do you believe him?

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"I HAVE to find my friend" you protest. 

Dr Von Hoobastank sighs.

"If you absolutely must continue on this foolhardy endeavour... take this. THE ONLY thing that can truly defeat a Werewolf." He hands you a silver rubber chicken. What do you do? 

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"Now," mutters the Doctor, "I must find him. I'm going to go by the swings. Vampires are suckers for slides, it's true - but Werewolves absolutely love the swings." 

You never knew that. Interesting...

"Take care young one. Should you need me, just let out a doomed blood-curdling scream. And remember, you can hear a werewolf coming when it howls, and laughs."

When does does a werewolf laugh?

"Once it's eaten your funny bone!" replies the doctor. Maybe it's a good idea to get rid of this guy, his jokes are appalling. 

Which park entrance do you use - the north, the south or the west?

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You tentatively tip toe through the park. Though the moon is full and extremely bright - paradoxically the park itself is perfectly pitch-black. You think maybe you should try texting your friend again. What do you text?

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A split second after you've sent your message, you hear a 'ping' directly behind you.

You stand still, frozen to the spot.

Your heart has plunged to the very bottom of your being (your bottom) and you swallow loudly. You pluck up the courage to slowly turn around and see a pair of glowing, hellish, animalistic eyes... what do you do?

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As you're running through the empty park, the moonlight intensifies and you begin to make out the creature in your peripheral vision as it chases after you. 

It's gaining. 

There's now no doubt, Hoobastank was right - this is a full-on WEREWOLF, son. 

You decide to throw something at it... but what?

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No good! Not only is the wolf still chasing you, he’s now actively ANNOYED that you lobbed something at his head. You are LITERALLY running for your life, expounding every last molecule of energy that you have... you cry out for help - what do you yell?

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You see the lights of the park-keepers hut up ahead of you... what do you do?

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Suddenly, you trip on a branch and hit the ground, hard. You turn over onto your back, groaning - and then you see it, fully.

Snarling, drooling, it's lips pulled back over it's fangs in a ravenous and bloodthirsty sneer... It lets out an abominable, monstrous howl! This is your last chance. 

What is your final, defiant act? 

How can you possibly best the Werewolf?!

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