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Take Our Pratt-ically Perfect Chris Pratt Quiz!

Chris Pratt is one of the biggest names in Hollywood - but what do you know about him?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 12th 2022

Chris hasn’t been around all that long but he’s made a huge name for himself and has starred in all sorts of amazing films! His unique blend of funny and serious acting make his one of the best in the business, but how much do you know about Chris Pratt? There's only one place to find out for sure, and that’s right here! Let’s go!


Where is Chris from?


What was the name of his character in Guardians of the Galaxy?


What is the other name of Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Universal Pictures | YouTube

What film series about dinosaurs does Pratt star in?


What does the name Brontosaurus mean?


What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?


Who does Pratt voice in the Lego Movie?

Warner Bros Pictures | YouTube

According to Emmett, what is everything?


Which decade was he born?


In Jurassic World, what is Owen Grady’s job?

IGN | YouTube

Oh dear? Are you sure you didn’t think this was a Ryan Reynolds Quiz, or maybe even a Ryan Gosling quiz - it could be either, we struggle to tell the difference between them too! So this wasn’t your best result, and we think you could probably do better, so why not have another go?

Universal Pictures | YouTube

Now we’re really talking! Well done, you know a fair amount about the wonderful Mr Pratt! You should be proud of yourself, but we also think you could do even better! Why not check out some of his older films and shows and see if you can come up with some more answers!

Amazing! What a great score! Give yourself a Pratt on the back! You know a lot about Chris, so much that you could probably call him by his first name and he wouldn’t mind! You so nearly got 100% on this quiz, maybe it’s worth having one last go and seeing if you can get full marks!?

Universal Pictures | YouTube

Wow! Full marks, we knew you had it in you! Well done, there are few people in the world with a knowledge of Chris as good as yours, except maybe him… Con-pratt-ulations - you’re in the big leagues now! The view must be pretty good from us there?

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