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This Classic Car Quiz Will Literally Drive You Round The Bend

How much do you know about classic cars? Take this quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 22nd 2022

Welcome to the world of classic cars! You won’t find any questions about Tesla’s in here, because these questions have been plucked from the noble past of automobile history! Sure, it might be a change of gears, but if you know you vintage cars then you should avoid being driven round the bend by this trivia quiz. So, take a seat, pull on your seatbelt (if the car has one), and turn the old fashioned key. It’s time to get motoring with our classic car quiz!

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1/10 What insect inspired the design for Volkswagen’s classic car?


Which is the true fact about the Morris Minor?

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3/10 The XJS was made by which classic car company?

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4/10 Which country is the Citroen 2CV associated with?


A man called Henry revolutionised car making by inventing a “moving production line.” What was his surname?

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6/10 Which flower gives it’s name to a classic car?

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7/10 Which food would be hardest to find on the bonnet of a classic coloured Ferrari?


Which of these isn’t a classic American car?


Which of these car brands made the famous 911?


What is special about the Fiat Cinquecento?

Stalled! Your knowledge of classic cars isn’t the best but thats a good excuse to do some research… And by research we mean looking on the internet at loads of pictures of awesome classic cars!

Not bad! You know a jaguar from a beetle which is useful for a future classic car dealer (and a zookeeper for that matter) Try again to get a higher score!

Expert Classic Car Knowledge! You’re an expert in classic cars. Have another go to see if you can become the World Expert In Classic Cars. WARNING: No-one has ever scored that high!

You’re THE World Expert In Classic Cars. You can spot a Datsun Cherry 5 miles away by the sound of it’s stuttering engine! Awesome work!