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Complete These Justin Bieber Lyrics

Fill in the Bieber blanks to complete the line that comes next!

Are you an expert when it comes to Justin Bieber lyrics?

1/12 Justin Bieber on a bike
Instagram | @justinbieber

"And I was like baby, baby, baby/Oh like…"


2/12 "'Cause if you like the way you look that much/Oh baby…"

3/12 Bieber in the studio
Instagram | @justinbieber

"Baby what you doin'?/Where you at?/Where you at?"


4/12 "Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito…"

5/12 Justin Bieber strikes a post
Instagram | @justinbieber

"If I was your boyfriend…"


6/12 "There were days when I was just broken…"

7/12 Justin Bieber finds his purpose
Instagram | @justinbieber

"Yeah/Is it too late now to say sorry…"


8/12 "What do you mean?/Oh/Oh…"

9/12 Biebs partying it up
Let the music blast, we gon' do our dance …

"We gonna party like it's 3012 tonight…"


10/12 "I gave you the key when the door wasn't open/Just admit it…"

11/12 Another awesome Bieber concert
Instagram | @justinbieber

"Let the music blast/We gon' do our dance…"


12/12 "Lost in your eyes every time…"

Justin Bieber is very confused

More like Justin Bie-BOMBED. That was terrible! Try again!

Bieber gave it a good shot

Bieber safe than sorry! But can you get the perfect score?

Justin Bieber swag

I can't belieb-it! You got all those lyrics right! STRUT YOUR STUFF!

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