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Could You Help Your Team Win the Premier League?

Do you have the skills to lead your team to victory? Take this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Here we go!

1/10 A football training session

How many hours a day would you make your team practice?

2/10 A car is parked in a goal
Kick TV | Giphy

What sort of things would you do in training?

3/10 A football tactic board

Are tactics important?

4/10 QPR manager writes tactics on a board

How would you describe your managing style?

5/10 A big pizza

What sort of food would you serve at the training ground?

6/10 A dog gets ready for bed

It's the night before a big game. What do you encourage your team to do?

7/10 Leaf vegetable salad with smoked salmon

What meal would you let your team have a few hours before a game?

8/10 A footballer kicks the ball so hard it bursts into flames

How many strikers would you use?

9/10 A nervous goalkeeper

Your goalie is nervous. What words of advice do you give them?

10/10 A footballer celebrates a win

You've won the game! How do you celebrate?

A football manager looking very pleased with themselves

League champs!

Your management style has created a team of winners! Well done.

A player manager smiling after a great season

You've finished in the top 3!

You almost won the league! Better luck next season!

A football manager clutching a ball

Middle of the table!

You didn't trouble the better teams but you weren't exactly rubbish either.ย 

A sad football manager

You're going to be relegated!

Maybe serving hamburgers before a big game wasn't a good idea. And they had no clue what to do on the field.