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Counties of Ireland Map Quiz

Think you know every county on the Emerald Isle? Test your Irish geography skills with this extra-tricky picture quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 28th 2023

Do you know your Wexford from your Wicklow? Or how about your Laois from your Limerick? You'll need to if you want to stand a chance in these fiendishly tricky Irish geography quiz! Read on to see if you can make sense of the 32 counties from these maps! It's harder than it sounds!

Go on then, let's see how you get on!


Ok, before we start... how many counties are there in the island of Ireland?


What county is this arrow pointing to?


And what county is THIS arrow pointing to?


Where is Belfast?

5/10 A jar of mayonnaise in a New York street

Which of these is NOT a real county in Ireland?


What is this county called?


A is... what?


Fill in the blank! Donegal ___ part of Northern Ireland


What's the county at the far southern tip of Ireland?


Which of these is a REAL county in Ireland?

Eeek! Oh no! This score isn't your best work! In fact, looks like Ireland here is a little bit miffed about it. You'd better have another go, and make it snappy! If you don't fancy it though we have lots of other geography quizzes for you to try!

Not bad! This is a pretty good score! The island of Ireland has definitely seen worse scores... but it might have seen better too! Do you think you can beat this score second time round? Or maybe you can score higher on a different geography quiz? Let's find out!

Very nice! This is a really good score! You know loads about Irish counties... even the hard to spell ones! Well done! You didn't quite get 100%, but we bet you can on a different geography quiz! Are you up for finding out? We have loads more quizzes like this!

Fantastic! This is the perfect score! Are you Irish? You must be with a score like this... or at least be REALLY into Ireland! How else would you know where Sligo is? Anyway, well done - now can you beat this score on a different trivia quiz? Let's find out!