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11 Question Countries Of The World Picture Quiz!

Are you a geography whizz? Test yourself with this map-tastically tricky quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 5th 2022

See how well you know these countries by outline!


This European country is famous for nice weather and omelettes. And lots of other things, obviously.But what is it?


This MASSIVE country is home to one of the world's oldest civilisations. But what is it?


This wiggly-edged European country likes to give it's towns and cities really long names.So... what is it?


This small Asian country is famous for pop music, and a type of extra crispy fried chicken. Any ideas?


This giant country has thousands of years of history, and is the country that the biggest jewel in the Queen's crown was taken from.Any guesses?


Here's a trickier one. This VERY HOT country is home to the Holiest sites in Islam. And also a lot of sand. What is it?


It's the biggest country in the world!And it's name is...?


This one's a bit closer to home. Any ideas?


Hint: the capital of this West African country is Lagos. But what's the country called?


It's the Emerald Isle - home to Tayto crisps and howling rain. Any ideas?


BONUS QUESTION! People that live here often say this South East Asian country looks like an elephant. Which is funny as you'll find lots of them here.What do you reckon?

Uh oh! Never mind - borders are just a bunch of lines drawn on a map anyway. Try another quiz?

Pretty good! This quiz was hard. Try another quiz?

Nice work! This was a hard one! Can you beat this score on another quiz?

Wahoo! Are you a geographay teacher? Don't worry - you don't look like one! Great score!