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Cubs, Pups and More – The Secret Life of BABY Animals

What do animals get up to when you're not looking? Watch now to find out!

Animals – they’re always up to something, even the babies!

Don’t believe us? That’s okay, we wouldn’t have believed us either – that is, until we saw The Secret Life of Animals!

Yep, this behind-the-scenes look at what animals really get up to when we’re not watching reveals a world full of the bonkers behaviour of baby beasts.

We’ve got funny frogs who love to croak a joke, naughty snorty pigs who get in trouble with mum, and kittens with super powers (or should that be su-paw powers? No, actually, it probably shouldn’t!).

There’s also a special edition of Britain’s Got Talent made for turtles plus a puppy who’s very good at impressions so if you want to know what your pets are up to when you go to school, then you need to watch… The Secret Life of Animals!​

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