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What Dungeons and Dragons Class & Race are You?

Which D and D character are you? Take this dungeons and dragons quiz to find out!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Pick a weapon:


How persuasive are you?


Where would you rather live?

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What's more important?


How do you feel about being a leader?

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Pick a special skill:


Pick a special item:


Good or evil?


Which of these best describes you?


Pick a hobby:


What are you hungry for?


Pick an animal:

You're an Elf ranger!

You're a master of stealth, and can silently track animals and enemies for hundreds of miles. You know the forests well, and can survive on berries and small rodents for months at a time if you need to. You're not the best in a one-on-one fight, but you're quick enough and smart enough to outfox your foes!

You're a Dwarf bard!

You're not the greatest fighter, but you can talk your way out of any situation and be very persuasive. You're extremely charismatic and people love having you about, which makes you a great addition to a team!

You're a human Paladin!

You're not great in social situations (and are a bit moody!) - but you're a fearsome warrior. You're hard to kill and are an experienced swordfighter, and just the clanking of your armour is enough to send your enemies running!

You're a half-orc sorcerer!

You're a rare and mysterious comibination of orc power and magic. You're probably up to no good, but you're too mysterious to really know for sure.