Dennis - Knights of Red and Black

Mum tells a tale of a menace long ago!

Mum's got something to say
Dennis has a medieval moan
Medieval Mum on a mission
Mum made a mistake
Time for Dennis to go on an adventure
Sir Dennis and Sir Gnashalot
Dennis with a dream
Sir James the thirteenth appears
What could Dennis do?
Dennis is ready to menace!
Well, if he'd remembered his sword
A claw comes grabbing
Dennis might be dinner!
Gnashalot retells the tale
What's the dragon done?
Sir Gnasher makes a dash
Dennis gets spat out
Don't get squashed
Oh dear - look out for...!
Oh, you stepped right on Dennis and that sword...
Dennis dodged being squished
But that sword seems to be stuck!
And all was well in Ye Olde Beanotowne
Words: Nigel AuchterlounieArt: Nigel Parkinson

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